Co-Creator Radio Interview

Yesterday Mary Adams-Eck, co-owner of the Co-Creator Network, interviewed me on her weekly Internet radio show. We covered a wide range of topics, from forgiveness as I dealt with it in my novel When Gulls Fly Low, to fear and the craziness it engenders, as well as how to deal…

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David’s Review of “When Gulls Fly Low”

When Gulls Fly Low medium thumb“I don’t recall the last time I was reading a book that I literally could not put down until completing it, until I got “When Gulls Fly Low”. This work is so well written, with a story that will have you turning each page, eager to see what the characters will experience next. The ending I expect will have you wiping tears of joy from your eyes as a result of it’s beauty, as I did mine. A treasure to read and re-read.”

David C.

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Forgive Me Not

When I was in my early 20s, I developed a bad case of resentment about forgiveness. My reasoning was straightforward and fairly simple. I saw the act of forgiveness as being equivalent to saying: “Even though you are a bad person who does bad things, I, being a superior and…

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