Love and Fear

face-66317_1280I would like to say something about the only emotions being love and fear. In a sense that is true, but it can be simplified even further to the point where there is only one: love. Here’s what I mean.

Fear is the emotion we experience when we have the expectation that we are about to be separated from what we love, or more accurately just from love itself. We expect that which our beliefs tell us is the logical outcome of our perception of what is right now. In other words, based on our beliefs about what is already happening, we look into the future and see what seems most likely to happen next. If what we see in our future includes becoming separated from love, we feel fear. The stronger the love, and the stronger the belief that we are going to be separated from it, the greater the fear will be.

But it all comes down to the beliefs that determine our perception of the present, and our expectations of the future. There is also another aspect to it. In order to feel fear, we must belief two things about the future. We must believe that there is a threat to the free expression and experience of love, and also that we are powerless to handle it effectively. If there is a threat, but we feel confident in our ability to deal with it, then there will be little or no fear. Conversely, if there is a belief in powerlessness, but little or no threat, then fear does not have a chance to take root. I call this kind of situation a “hammer and anvil”. It takes both to turn it into fear.

So in the case of relationships, for example, you must believe first that there is a threat to the free expression and experience of love, and also that you will be powerless to neutralize that threat. Most of us can identify those feelings and expectations in our experience. Our challenge now is to see them coming if they present themselves again, and withdraw our support for the beliefs that spawn and drive them.

The truth is that there is no threat to love except our belief that there is, and we are anything but powerless to neutralize it even if it does happen. In other words, you are absolutely safe. So fear not, Dear Heart. You are forever wrapped in the loving embrace of the one who loves you best–yourself.

For more on the underlying perspective from which these thoughts are derived, read this.

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