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I’m overjoyed to announce that I will be interviewed by Mary Adams-Eck on Monday May 25, 2009 at 8:00 AM PDT (-07:00 from Greenwich, 10:00 CDT, 11:00 EDT) on Co-Creator Radio. After a long discussion about the topic we wanted to focus on, we decided that the best approach was to start with an exploration of the roots and consequences of fear, and let the discussion find its own way from there. And we’re going to give it two hours in which to unfold. So it can go almost anywhere. If you call in, you can help us guide that direction.

The real point is to illustrate, discuss, and hopefully come to a more complete understanding of the issues, questions, and answers that are exposed in my novel, When Gulls Fly Low. Among the most visible of these are forgiveness, living with integrity, and the “benevolent conspiracies that form the dramas of our lives.” It would not surprise me if all these and more were woven into the tapestry before we’re done. It is, indeed, a seamless fabric in which we wrap our lives.

If you’d like to get a preview of some of the perspectives we are likely to explore, try the links below. They will give you a head start in making the most of the perspective upon which the discussion rests.

And don’t forget, this is a call-in show, so we welcome your involvement. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

And, of course, if you’d like to explore or order the book that started it all, When Gulls Fly Low, you can do so here or by clicking on the book’s cover to the right. There you can read the first chapter, listen to me read it to you, download the entire first half of the novel, or order your own trade paperback edition. Also, here is a synopsis of the book one recent reader wrote.

If you can make the show, we’d love to have you. Regardless, have a great weenend and the rest of your life as well. You are amazing!

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