Spend Christmas at the beautiful Oregon coast–for $10.

View of the Pacific Ocean from Neahkahnie Mountain

View of the Pacific Ocean from Neahkahnie Mountain

When Gulls Fly Low medium thumb

You can find love, beauty, and adventure in this extraordinary story, for only $10.

When Gulls Fly Low

a novel by Ned B. Johnson

The shoreline of the state of Oregon is among the most rugged and beautiful on Earth. An altogether perfect setting for a love story that is at once romantic, inspiring, and enlightening, as well as traumatic, challenging, and transformative.

As Monika Birkner says:
“I could not stop reading, and the more I read, the more I could not stop crying. This book is such a wonderful gift to mankind. It is so inspiring, touching without being sentimental–clear, honouring truth and the highest traits in human beings, as well as the deepest reasons for our experiences. And it is written in such compelling, fresh language with so many unexpected pictures.

“I really hope and wish that this book is read by many, many, many readers all over the world and gives them hope and encouragement.”

But why take anyone else’s word for it. Listen to the author read the first short chapter of When Gulls Fly Low and judge for yourself. 

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Another reader, Carrie Armitage, contributed these insights about When Gulls Fly Low.

The story begins….

Henry Taylor, an accomplished author, moves his life to the picturesque village of Arch Cape on Oregon’s Northern Coast, to complete his fifth novel. Within days of settling in, his routine is interrupted by a dream of such lucidity it shakes him off balance for a week. In the dream he meets a woman with whom he is destined to live out a real life adventure of sublime love, forgiveness, faith & collaboration with the enemy ~ only he doesn’t know that yet.

 Lessons (what you will learn) 

  • Forgiveness & Empathy – a different take on ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’, get beyond anger in your relationships, learn how to form intimate & mutually beneficial relationships, your worst enemy could be your biggest opportunity staring you in the face
  • Living with integrity – Conflict Resolution  – Do the right thing– achieving harmony in your relationships through living with integrity, taking personal responsibility, navigating difficult relationships, gaining alternative perspectives, being open to the lessons
  • Learning through experience & Recognising opportunity – everything we experience is for a reason, a lesson to be learned. We can be levelled by challenging experiences, or we can recognise them for what they are (lessons meant to be passed) & what they are meant to introduce into our lives (recognising opportunity)
  • Perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye – a look into the world of lucid dreaming, destiny and how we all work together on the other side [of consciousness] to accomplish our dreams and learn what we need to learn here on earth.

Recommended for anyone interested in:

  • Excelling in relationships
  • Getting beyond anger in their lives
  • Learning to love deeply
  • Repairing damaged relationships
  • Having their faith restored in the magic of our lives

 This synopsis written by Carrie Armitage http://www.carriearmitage.com

When Gulls Fly Low isn’t just a source of inspiration and insight, it is also a compelling story about love, adversity, courage, integrity, and transformation. Many people think of it as a real “page turner.” Here are the comments of a few of them.

“I could hardly tear myself away. A good love story, but SO much more. I found it full of truth and beauty…a way for many to have the understanding that they are not victims.”– Carol M. 

“Couldn’t stop reading it, and was living it when I wasn’t reading it…this speaks to the very soul.”– Marilyn L.

“I don’t recall the last time I was reading a book that I literally could not put down until completing it, until I got “When Gulls Fly Low”. This work is so well written, with a story that will have you turning each page, eager to see what the characters will experience next. The ending I expect will have you wiping tears of joy from your eyes as a result of it’s beauty, as I did mine. A treasure to read and re-read.”– David C.

“This book was an awesome read. Towards the end, I had to force myself to put it down and pick up a magazine. I was sad to think that it was almost over. I enjoyed the voyeuristic journey of watching these characters evolve. Their triumphs have made me feel as though the seed of success has been sewn into my spirit.” — Tammie

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If you’re like me, about now you may be wondering, “What’s wrong with this book that they have to give away three copies to sell one?” It’s a pretty good question. And I have a pretty good answer. Actually, three of them. Here they are:

  1. My most important reason for giving away three times as many copies as I sell is that I really want as many people as possible to read this book! I didn’t write it just to make money. And I didn’t write it to prove how smart I am. I wrote it to show people how walking the talk works in the life of someone who really does it, and how it affects those around him. Miracles happen. Lives change. Things actually work. I want so very much to share this picture with the world.
  2. After all, it is Christmas. It is a time for giving. So I want to give you a great reading experience, and enable you to give the same to three people you care about. Sounds like a win-win-win to me? How about you?
  3. Okay. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’d like to make a few bucks, too. I put a lot of time, and even more of myself and my life into becoming the kind of man who could, and would, write a book like this. And that, as they say, ain’t chopped liver. I would very much like for Gulls to take as good care of me as I have taken of it. And I have! Seems only fair.

So there you have it. For less than $10 you can give yourself, and three people you care about, a reading experience like none you have had before, because this is a book that is unlike anything you’ve ever read before. And oh yes, by the by, it just might change your life in unexpected ways. It sure wouldn’t be the first time. Not by a long shot.

So what are you waiting for? In less than five minutes you could be cuddling up with what some self-described “voracious readers” have called, “the best book I ever read!” Click on the link below and get started with what just may turn our to be the best Christmas you’ve ever had.

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In any event, I give you my favorite wish:

Let there be Peace on Earth,

and let it begin with we.

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