Gulls Photos

Photos from some of the scenes depicted in When Gulls Fly Low

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Neahakhanie panorama

The scene from the viewpoint on Neahakhanie Mountain. Good place for a first date, or a wedding. 🙂





Henry Taylor’s home at Arch Cape. Former owners include Ned B. Johnson, another author of note. (The landscaping was much more plain back then.)


The famous Driftwood Inn, meeting place for authors, bankers, and other dignitaries.


The northern view from Neahakhanie. The village of Manzanita in the distance.


The trail out onto the hogback from the viewpoint at Neahakhanie.



The wall surrounding the Neahakhanie viewpoint and commemorative display.


The Shilo Inn at Seaside, where dreamers have been know to meet mermaids.


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