Decoding Your Life

Have you ever felt like you were just wandering through life without a compass?


Many people secretly feel that way. They also feel like there must be some purpose to their lives, but they have not yet been able to determine what it is. At least not in a way that satisfied them.

What’s worse, the older we get, the more these kinds of questions trouble us, and the less likely it seems that we will ever find the answers we so earnestly seek.

What do you do about this dilemma?

Everyone goes about it differently, but in a general sense they all do some variation on the same strategy: they consult those they have come to believe know more about it than they themselves do. But the answers they get from others, though they sometimes seem to help for a while, ultimately leave them hungry again–hungry for answers that satisfy that craving that seems to come from their very soul.

So are there answers? And if so, where do we go to find them?

Watch this video to get an overview of the source of this dilemma, and a trail of breadcrumbs that lead to a solution.

Twelve Minutes that can change your life.

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What exactly is a life purpose?

Every person alive, or who has ever lived or every will, has a purpose, a reason for being on Earth. As you saw in the video, that purpose is to make real the dream with which they fell in love. Remember, we are all immortal souls, with eternity to fill with our unique experiences. Before we devote an entire lifetime to a purpose, we have to be committed to the dream behind it.

Some dreams are easy to create. They just lay there before you, waiting for you to follow a clearly marked path.

Some dreams are harder to live out. You can’t just stroll through them without learning, growing, even struggling.

And some dreams are virtually impossible to fulfill completely. In these cases, we must appreciate them for what we give to the failed attempt.

What kind of dream are you living out? If it were of the first type–easy as falling off the proverbial log–I doubt you’d be here reading this. So it’s probably a pretty safe bet that you have built some challenges into your life purpose, challenges that at the moment have you confused, or even stumped. If so, you have come to exactly the right spot. See, I told you that you knew what you were doing, even when you don’t know it. 🙂

What is even more confusing is that we often hide some, or even all, of our main intentions from ourselves. Why? There are a lot of possible reasons. For example:

  • We want to surprise ourselves.
  • What’s the point of always knowing what’s going to happen next?
  • The challenge often lies in figuring out the challenge itself.
  • Sometimes we get into whining about how hard we made it. “This isn’t what I signed up for!” Sound familiar? But it is. It’s exactly what you signed up for. Always.
  • Okay, sometimes you do lose your way. Sometimes it turns out to be a bit more challenging that you expected.
  • Often times the degree of difficulty is designed to get you to take on the real challenges, your real purposes.
  • And you always have help available. If it doesn’t seem like you do, it’s because:
    • You haven’t really been looking.
    • You’ve been looking in the wrong places.
    • You don’t really believe it’s there.
    • You don’t really want the help, because you want to have to figure it out on your own. (Good for you!)
    • And sometimes it would just screw everything up if you made it any easier.

Regardless of any of this, once you begin to understand…really understand…not just your purposes, but your personal style of pursuing them, everything starts making sense.

Even things you don’t understand are okay with you, because you trust the process, which in the end is simply yourself.

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And that’s when the magic begins to happen.

There are three keys to arriving at that point:

  1. You have to abandon the failed models you have been consulting to find answers. If they were going to work, they would have by now.
  2. You have to find and come to understand a better model, one in which satisfying answers actually exist.
  3. You have to learn how to translate and reframe your life experiences–past, present, and future–into the new terms.

And that is precisely what the Decoding Your Life webinar series is all about. In it:

  • You will learn which models you have been using that have been failing you, and why.
  • You will be introduced to a new model within which satisfying answers are possible, even easy.
  • You will learn how to translate any experience–personal or even global–into these new terms.

When it’s all over, you will be able to see your life and everything in it in a new way, one where everything and everyone is working just fine, no matter what the conventional world of appearances may say about it.

There are many unique advantages to this approach:

  • It is a radical departure from the conventional models you are used to.
  • It is based on personal observation, not dogma or faith or science or opinion.
  • You can validate every step along the path yourself, in your own terms that make sense to you.
  • You don’t have to change a single “fact” to change the meaning of everything in your life, including your very life itself.
  • You may be a bit confused at first, since this is a radically different perspective. But you will soon be exhilarated, because you will sense, at a deep level, that you are onto something new and important.
  • In the end, nothing in your life will remain unaffected, or unimproved.

Right now you may be asking yourself, “What is this better model, and how can I use it?” For the answers to these and other questions you may have, join us in a free live Q & A conference call. To be informed of dates and times, just click on the image below to tell us where to send the details. You will also be given instructions on how to download a free gift with more information about your life purpose. Please join us in this wondrous quest.


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