Ned’s Writing CV

Ned's Library mediumI published my first book in 1976 and my most recent came out this year. In the interim I have written and published dozens of books, stories, and more manuals and technical papers than I can recall. The graphic on the left shows some of the covers and will give you an inkling of what I mean.

But before all of that happened, I had never given any thought to becoming a writer. In fact, I found it incredibly intimidating. If you’d like to read the whole story of how I got from intimidation to my first published book, click here.

Meanwhile, let me just say that writing books, whether fiction or non-fiction, has become child’s play for me. We do, after all, learn by repetition. There are few things I love more than helping others move from where I started all those years ago toward their own version of where I am now. It is a real joy to watch their confusion and doubt be replaced by confidence and certainty. I also love to watch as they fall in love with what they’ve written.


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