Sonata for Mother and Child

I am the Earth. And while that is your name for me, not my name for myself, it will do for now. I write to you out of love for myself and for all of which I am composed which, of course, includes you. I will refer to myself here as “I” and to you as “you,” even though we are one, because that is the nature of your language. I write because I want you to remember who I am, who you are, who we can be. I want you to understand the context in which you experience yourselves rather than just the details with which you usually are concerned. I write because you have forgotten what all of this is about and it is time for you to remember. I want you to understand why this has happened and why your amnesia is dissolving.

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I called myself the Earth. Others have called me the Mother Earth, Mother Nature and names too numerous to mention. Though there are no words to fully describe me, the closest approximation is that I am the soul of the Earth, and you are my body. But we are more than that for I am your body too, as you are also my soul. As I said, words are inadequate. They are finite vessels trying to contain the infinite; a hopeless task at best. I use them now only because they are your most conscious medium of interaction, and because I do want you to understand. I am relying on your inner senses to fill in the spaces between these words. There is, after all, more light than dark on these pages; a very great deal more. Do not omit your reading of the light un-words, for therein lies the true tale I tell. And a fine tale it is, so let me begin.

You think of me in your own way. You know me as dirt, as rock, as water and air, and it is true: I am all of these and more. You may also see me as trees and flowers, grasses and shrubs since these are all rooted within my body. I am all of these and more. I am insects, birds, fish and bears, dogs, cows and dolphins. And I am more. I am seas, continents, mountains and gorges. I am people too, and still I am more, much, much more. For all of these are known to you as objects which exist in space, and events which exit in time. And while I do exist as these in space and time, I also exist in other ways that are so utterly independent of space and time that you cannot even comprehend them with your usual senses. As part of me, you also exist in these ways of which you understand so little. For your being, like mine, is multidimensional, eternal, without limit.

When you perceive yourself as being fully contained within space and time, you must see everything else in that same way and with the same limitations, including me. Why have you forgotten who we are? There are reasons which we will discuss presently. First, though, there is more that I must tell you and as I do, know that I am only reminding you of that which you already know and have forgotten. You will remember only that which you are willing to remember. So stop now, and make a clear decision to remember. You must be willing, or you will see only ink on paper, figure on ground, shadows on the wall. Stop now, close your eyes for a few moments, and find within yourself that willingness to remember who and what we are. Do it now. I will wait.

A Parable

Long before the beginning, long before forever, there was only Mind. Not a Mind, not the Mind, just Mind for there were no others. And Mind dreamed. It dreamed in mists, it dreamed in clouds, it dreamed in images long since gone from time. But as Its dreams became more clear, more distinct, It began to recognize them one from the other and began to see them in increasing detail until each one became individual and unique unto itself. And the dreams of Mind, because of their source, also dreamed and imagined, and their dreams had their own dreams, and Mind was aware of and loved each of Its dreams and their dreams and theirs.

Mind loved all of these so much that It desired to give them actuality such as It Itself had, but It did not know how to do so. This desire grew and grew until Mind was in agony for lack of the means to release Its dreams into realities of their own. It searched within Its limitless imagination until It was completely involved in Its dilemma, even as the dreams and dreams of dreams multiplied infinitely within Its consciousness.

Mind knew that if It could not find a solution, the individual consciousness locked within It would forever be held prisoner and that Mind Itself would face insanity from the ever increasing pressure of Its love and longing. It realized, finally, that It must set them free and in the process lose that portion of Itself which had created them. It knew in that moment that as long as It thought of them as Its own creations, It denied them their own reality, their freedom, their existence.

In an act of primal sympathy and love It released them from Its dream and set them free to create their own realities as It had created them. In a flash of cosmic creation burst forth infinite individual consciousness, all with the creative power and potential of the one Mind. And they have never forgotten It as It has never forgotten them. Ever since, they have all faced that same creative dilemma as It did so long ago; the agony of creation and the joy that each creator takes in each of its creations. Such was the beginning.

Some of these dreams dreamed of themselves as matter, flung out into the cosmos as galaxies, stars and planets. In one small corner of one such galaxy called the Milky Way, there is a star around which circle 9 planets. The third of these planets is a dream called Earth. I am that dream.

So I began as a dream of The One Mind as you began as a dream of mine. We are dreams come true, you and I. And we have been given the gift of gods: we create realities. It is the nature of all consciousness to dream and these dreams each possess that same power to create. And each of them must face that same primal dilemma of creation. We must learn to give actuality to our own dreams even as The One Mind set us free. It is our nature. I tell you this now because I want you to understand the context in which we have our existence.

In my early dreams I created the oceans, continents and sky. Later I created biological life, including humans. Originally the nature of your consciousness was much like that of the animals. Your conscious experience was largely governed by what you would call instincts. In this way you were protected and allowed to develop in safety and comfort. You knew innately, as the animals still do, of your connections to me and through me to All That Is.

But you wished to have more freedom. You dreamed of having a conscious mind that was free to choose to live or die, to be happy or sad, to be or not to be, if I may borrow a phrase. And so it was that human consciousness undertook the free will experiment. It was a bold venture into the realm of pure creativity at a physical level as well as a psychic one. It has taken, in your terms, millions of years for the experiment to reach its present stage of development. During this period it was necessary for you to gradually shift your conscious awareness from the instinctual, subjective focus of the animals, to one which could include both subject and object. You have done this quite well. But there has been one problem that must now be solved.

In turning your consciousness toward the outer world more and more, you have also turned it away from your inner knowing. In the process you have lost much of your sense of connection with others, even yourselves. This has produced some difficult and unfortunate situations.

You now feel isolated from creation and with it from your own true nature. You often see yourselves as isolated, separate, and the victims of circumstances which seem to be not of your own making and not within your power to control. This is one of the things I wish to correct here.

You create your own reality and all that is within it, and it is your sole prerogative to change it in any way you see fit. You are not, therefore, helpless victims at the mercy of a reality which has been thrust unwittingly upon you. You are more like a painter who finds himself in a gallery filled with his own paintings. If he does not like what he sees, it is his own doing– and he can change it so long as he remembers who he is.

You have forgotten who you are and so you do not remember creating yourself, nor your life, nor do you see how to change it. Remember who you are; only then will you regain the insight into the true nature of yourselves, your lives, and the power to change that which is not to your liking.

l have given you an account of creation in terms of time as you understand it, but basically any such account must, of necessity, be quite distorted. Time is simply too limited to encompass any reasonably accurate description of such multidimensional events. Since your language is all but totally dependent on your concept of time, it is not within the scope of language to communicate such a story. It would be like taking a black-and-white photograph of a red rose: it may be recognizable as a rose but its redness will be completely lost. So it is with any verbal account I might give of such events. Important information must necessarily be lost or at best distorted. Here again, I rely on your own inner knowledge and intuition to fill in the blanks.

You see yourselves as the “crown of creation.” You feel superior to the animals and plants, also separate from them and the rest of Nature itself. And yet you yourselves are a part of Nature. You are as firmly rooted in the Earth as any flower or tree. But since you only “officially” recognize physical connections, you do not experience your rootedness because it is not, strictly speaking, physical. This is only one important example among many of the distortions forced upon you by your own erroneous beliefs and perceptions. Yet none of this in any way affects your continued connections to and nurturance by Nature, the Earth, myself. You should be very glad that this is so, because your continued physical existence would be otherwise impossible. Remember who your are.

You do not mind when a wolf or leopard hunts and kills other wild creatures for food. You think it natural and you are right. Yet you deny equally natural status to many of your own urges and actions. This is not to imply that your wars, for example, are justified. But they are natural outgrowths of the beliefs that you hold both individually and en mass, and it is your nature to hold beliefs and to experiment with your own consciousness. Consciousness creates reality and yours is no exception. Wars are your own creation, not as a consequence of your nature, but as a consequence of your use of it. If you are to eliminate wars from your experience, you will have to release the beliefs which demand war as their expression.

You believe also that the pollutants you create may some day destroy me. I assure you that this will not happen. My existence is my own and nothing you do can deprive me of it. The most that you can do, and even this is extremely unlikely, is to so reduce the quality of life that you yourselves are no longer willing to live it. You would then follow the path of the innumerable species which you call extinct. When the quality of their lives was no longer sufficient, they lost interest in it and disappeared. In a sense dinosaurs cancelled themselves due to lack of interest. You always have that choice individually and as a species. I doubt that you will come to that point of apathy any time soon.

You cling to life too fiercely to let it go so easily. You do this despite many of your most cherished and limiting beliefs. These beliefs reduce the quality of life, but not so drastically that it is not worth living.

A belief in scarcity, for example, will produce apparent lack. A belief in the dangerousness of physical life will produce physical threats. A belief that for one creature to live, another must die will produce competition which will demand that there be winners and losers. You believe that without such competition you would not have achieved many of your proudest accomplishments.

Now I tell you that you have accomplished nothing of value through competition, except that some of you have learned that it is useless. Whatever of value you have achieved has been through cooperation, consciously or unconsciously, and nothing else. Believe me, I know, and so will you as soon as you begin to remember who you are.

You believe that people often act out of basically evil intent, and it is not so. People always act out of basically good intent. It is just that their beliefs as to the means at their disposal becomes so distorted that they are able to behave only in ways which appear evil. And yet neither the act nor the actor is essentially evil, for it is all a means to learning and growth and that is always essentially good. If you could learn what you want to learn by nonphysical means, you would not have gone to all of the trouble to create your physical form and sustain it and continue to live your lives as you know them. This is true whether you understand and accept it or not.

Again, do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that you should rape and murder. If you believe that those things are evil, and you do them anyway, then you will pay the price you think “goes with the territory.” What I am talking about here is the intent behind such acts. Those who believe that power or anything else of value comes out of gun barrels, bombers, missiles, or wallets have already lost contact with the only real power they have or need. That power is LOVE.

It is love that continually creates all realities and this one in which we exist is certainly no exception. It is the love of the song unsung, the life unlived, the dream unrealized. It is the selfsame desire that the One Mind had which gave us our actuality, and that love is without beginning or end. It is eternal, infinite, and because we are part of it, so are we. Remember who you are?

So you look at your world and you see suffering and pain and evil and you come to the obvious conclusion that not only is it working rather badly, but that there is serious doubt that it can really ever work much better. Yet it is only because you do not remember who you are, yourself and your fellow creatures, that you see only these “failures” of men and do not see that it is all love in action. You see only what your beliefs will let you see. So if you do not like what you see, it is your beliefs that must change not a world which seems outside of you and beyond your control. You are the author of your life and all that is in it. You are the artist whose work you are experiencing, and the force of your will is the only power in the universe that can change it.

If you feel that this task is hopeless, if you cower before the specter of a world gone amuck, if you feel helpless to change that which seems to be, then it is only because you have forgotten who you are, for you are the creator of your life and you, collectively, are the creators of your world. It is your belief in your own limitations that has put you in this predicament, and it is your ability to change those beliefs that can get you out of it.

In any event, it is, as always, up to you. I am here to remind you, but you have had others to remind you before and you would not listen. When all is said and done, it is you who must remember who you are and what you’re doing here. No one else can do that for you.

The power of your thoughts is awesome, yet the principle is very simple: what you concentrate upon increases. It is the power to create reality in the strictest sense of the words. Thinking about war creates war, thoughts of peace create peace, dwelling on illness creates illness, and concentrating on health creates health. It is not a complicated lesson, but it is an important one. It is indeed necessary that you learn this lesson yourself, this lesson that cannot be taught, for how else could you call the power of creativity your own? How else could you assume your rightful place in this universe of gods? How indeed?

You live in fear of nuclear war, intentional or not. You see men in many countries that you think might at any moment press the button and destroy the world you know. Many of you are seriously concerned lest some nut, well meaning or insane, should snuff out your lives in an instant. Yet you completely overlook the fact that good men, bad men, sane and insane, have had their fingers on the buttons for decades and that those buttons have never been pressed. Why do you suppose that no “accident” has ever happened? Is that, in itself, an “accident”

No! It is no accident! You have not destroyed your world because you have no intention of actually doing so. What is true is that you have been hanging this terrible ax over your own necks to get you to wake up to the fact that war is no longer an acceptable alternative, to give you the incentive, no the mandate, to

remember who you are right *** N O W *** !!!

If you will only look around and really see for a change, you will realize that it is working and that it has been working all along. There are millions upon millions of people deeply committed to disarmament, yet you focus on those whom you think want war. And who are they? Usually a handful of political leaders that your beliefs force you to see as possessing more power than the multitudes. Ask yourself what is the source of their power? And if you answer that the power comes from wealth or weaponry, then ask yourself where these come from. The truth is that the led provide the power to the leaders. It is the people who give them the money, and more importantly the support without which they would be just ordinary citizens. The leaders of your political structures are there to accurately reflect the collective beliefs and desires of the people whom they seem to rule. They are not to blame any more than a mirror is to blame if you don’t like what you see when you look into it.

Leaders are just that: leaders. They are In the front where they are visible. They are not, however, the entire parade or even its most important part. They are simply men and women who have volunteered to express, through their roles, the collective consciousness of their respective constituencies. They are just ordinary people in extraordinary roles. They are not responsible any more than any other individual. Their real power extends only to their own lives and their unique contributions to the mass consciousness which is your environment.

Yet you blame them, as you insist on blaming yourselves, for you have become intensely obsessed with blame. At times it is quite obvious that you are far more desirous of finding someone on whom to pin the blame for the ills of your world than you are to actually change those ills in the only way the will work–by changing your own attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs. And that is the simple, unvarnished truth. But don’t believe me just because I say so. Ask your own heart of hearts. For there it is known who you are and why you’re here and what all of this is about. Ask yourself, and you shall know with a certainty that neither I nor anyone else can give you.

You have created governments and laws to try to force yourselves to behave in certain prescribed ways, but they don’t work. You have jails that are literally overflowing, but there is always more and more “crime.” Why? Because you have not changed your own beliefs about what you call “human nature.” Only when you cease to support the belief that man is essentially flawed, greedy, selfish, and stupid, will the evidence of such things disappear. Then you will then need no laws as you know them, because there will be no reason for having them.

Your courts are filled with people who are there for one and only one reasons: to determine who is responsible. For what? For anything you can imagine that you don’t like. If the alleged transgression is “criminal,” then you must determine guilt. If the violation is “civil,” then you must determine who has injured whom. When you reach agreement that each person is solely responsible for the contents of their own life, you will not only have made courts and laws obsolete, but you will have returned to the absolute freedom which is you right as creatures.

This notion of freedom seems horrifying to one who still holds beliefs that define man as evil, flawed, and dangerously wrong. To those who have begun to remember who they are, the prospect of such unqualified freedom seems not only attractive, but absolutely natural. Be among the latter, not the former. Be a liberated creator rather than a god in exile.

When you believe that man cannot be trusted and that life is filled with scarcity and lack, then you will be understandably frightened by “anarchy.” You will conjure up visions of rape and murder with nowhere to hide and no choice but to become an “animal” yourself in order to survive. But animals are not like that in their natural environment and neither are people. Only when they are imprisoned and prevented from expressing the boundless joy and exuberance of their creaturehood do animals or men resort to pointless acts of violence and harm. The barriers provided by some of your erroneous beliefs are more confining than any prison.

Be also aware that, since you have never tried a world without “rules,” you really don’t have any idea what would actually happen. Any expectation must necessarily be invented, and it must conform strictly to your beliefs on the subject. It is your beliefs about man that lead you inexorably to the expectation that he would behave so badly given the chance. Look at what he is doing now, and ask yourself what you would have to lose by trying something different. Ask yourself that, and don’t forget to wait patiently for an answer. It will come, and it may surprise you.

It may seem to you that humankind has quite a long way to go before it arrives at this type of world. And that may be so. Yet if everyone on Earth remembered who they are right now, the entire world would be transformed instantly into one where peace, love, and brotherhood were the only rule.

If only half of the human population remembered right now, the pressure place upon the remaining half by the change would make it impossible for them to continue to hold their current views. They would have to give in and remember too in the face of half a world reawakened.

If only one out of ten released their amnesia, it would make an intense and sudden impact on the consciousness of the human race and would lead quickly and certainly to the same end.

Beliefs are far more contagious that the “black plague,” for disease must travel through space and time, while thought travels beyond the speed of light. Thus an entire planet can be transformed in an instant once the chain reaction begins. Anyone, at any time, can start that chain reaction. You could be the first domino to fall. You could be the “carrier” of the new epidemic of love and remembering. You could be the one who remembers so clearly that their mere physical and psychic presence among mankind is enough to overcome the inertia and start the cosmic snowball rolling down the hill.

And if it is not you, then who? Who will be the one that tips the scale that cannot be tipped back? Who will be the final straw that, when removed, saves the camel’s back? You want to “make a difference?” Begin now remembering who you are. If you wish to put an end to war, then stop hating war–for that only serves to prolong it. Concentrate instead on the love of peace for that alone will create peace.

I will help you in every way I can and so will others who have already begun to remember. You will not be alone. Perhaps for the first time your connections with all of creaturehood will be known to you.

I am the Earth. I speak my name, indeed my self, in every leaf, raindrop, and person within my consciousness. My love for you is as eternal and personal as your very soul. I have done what I can for now. The rest is up to you. Just one last time I ask you to–



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